Short Story Ruminations

Even though I’d like to write longer fiction somewhere down the road, these days most of my creative writing is flash fiction. And since not all of them will be published (see “The Bard’s Blessing” from last week), I’m wondering if there’s any value to recording them here for posterity.

If I do, there are a few ways to go. At <1,000 words, flash fiction lends itself very nicely to blog post content. And that means a potentially deeper well to draw from every week (instead of scraping the metaphorical barrel for topics). One disadvantage of this is them likely getting lost among other posts, though this could be addressed with the Flash Fiction tag.

On the other hand, this particular WordPress theme has a full-width page template. It offers a nice, uncluttered layout — ideal for reading stories. But if I go this route, there’d need to be some directory or other way to access them. And if I listed them all on the Stories page, it could start to fill up really quickly. Maybe a dedicated Flash Fiction page would be the way to go…

At any rate, I don’t need to make that decision for a few weeks yet. This site, like my creative writing career as a whole, is still in its early stages. There’s plenty of time to prototype, get feedback, and refine. What say you?

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