Let’s talk a little about inspiration for this blog. When I started it, my biggest motivator was Lunar Eclipse being published, and wanting to have a writing-focused web presence. (This website/domain was previously my online portfolio.) I knew I could’ve spent forever coming up with a “strategy” and/or writing posts before going live, but the story’s publication date wasn’t going to move. Since I wanted to have something ready when the story got published, I jumped right in without much of a plan.

And here we are, several weeks after Lunar Eclipse’s pub date, and I feel rather in over my head. But it’s been a great in one area in particular: I’m writing more regularly. Even though the first few posts had two or three weeks between them, I’m now more into the groove of posting every week. Around this time last year, I used Splickety’s monthly prompts to get myself to write on a monthly basis (and it mostly worked!). So it’s nice to have this as a motivator to post something not just every month, but every week.

The key word there being “something.” Right now, posts have run the gamut from flash fiction pieces to a list of favorite books to thoughts about this website to podcast links. There’s definitely a writing theme, but not much else tying things together.

I’ve realized that my issue is less about the content of posts, and more about the purpose of this blog/site. I think that once I identify that, I’ll have a better sense of what to post about. And even though I’m reluctant to pick one, I think the point of this blog (at the moment at least) is chronicling my journey of taking my writing more seriously and developing my stories/projects.

My biggest inspiration for this is Jason Brubaker’s reMIND blog (there’s also an inkling of post about this). While he was releasing his graphic novel online page-by-page, he also posted about the process itself — website hosting, advertising, coloring, printing, running a Kickstarter, etc. It was super insightful! And I think that’s what I want to do with this.

It sounds rather meta, but it’s the approach that most intrigues me. I do still want to include posts about things that I find inspiring, or progress I’m making on projects (assuming consistent forward progress). And I’ll definitely post about published pieces as/if they come along. But since this is still a work-in-progress (and I have so few readers!) I think there’s plenty of room to experiment and course-correct as things evolve. So let’s go.

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