The Prophet’s Burden
Two adventurous archaeologists discover an artifact with mysterious powers—and discover that some relics might be abandoned for a reason.

In Search of the Magma Heart (Available in Bingeworthy: Havok Season Three)
A spirited young hero seeks a legendary object to liberate her realm, while her reluctant guide struggles to just stay alive on their outing.

Blood Hunter
A werewolf bounty hunter helps a deputy track down an outlaw, using the same ability that causes everyone to revile him.

Salty (Havok subscription required)
(also available in Stories that Sing: Havok Season Two)
When a sunbathing mermaid is rudely interrupted by a lovestruck human, she has to figure out the most effective way to redirect his advances.

Alan and the Magic Lamp (Havok subscription required)
A curio shop patron stumbles upon a magic lamp, then gets into a debate with the genie about the best use of his wishes.

The Tomb of the Ophidian Scepter (Havok subscription required)
(also available in Rebirth: Havok Season One)
Two adventurers exploring a lost tomb find themselves up against a supernatural guardian that may be more than they can handle.

Transmutation (Havok subscription required)
An eccentric alchemist is summoned from her dungeon cell to use her unique talents in solving a mystery for the royal guard.

When Magic Died (Havok subscription required)
(also available in Rebirth: Havok Season One)
An adventurer fails his epic quest to save magic from dying … and discovers that’s just the beginning of his problems.

Mr. Nilssen’s Kjempehytte (Published in The Norwegian American)
A detective investigates a destroyed backhoe in the mountains of Norway, though the culprit may not turn out to be who—or what—he originally suspects.

The Exomaton of Panner’s Bend (Published in Havok‘s July 2018 Issue)
(also available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited)
In an alt-history Wild West, an enormous steampunk robot piloted by settlers protects a small pioneer town from a gargantuan monster of the prairie.

Returning Home (Published in Splickety‘s June 2018 Issue)
(also available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited)
A Maya warrior-prince seeking support in the fight against a rival kingdom finds his brother more concerned about other threats to his rule.

Sword of the Stones (Published in Havok‘s April 2018 Issue)
(also available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited)
An adventurer on a mission to recover a lost artifact discovers its supernatural guardians may be a little more than he can handle.

Lunar Eclipse (Published in Havok‘s October 2017 Issue)
(also available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited)
While performing reconnaissance in the Lunar New Year Empire, a scout from the Leprechaun Army learns of a great evil threatening all the Holiday lands.

The Journal of Wonders (Published on Splickety’s Lightning Blog)
A Persian merchant strikes up a conversation with a peculiar young man, helping him discover that the world is bigger and stranger than he ever imagined.

The Bard’s Blessing
When the great bard Plantus sends his apprentices off into the real world, things don’t quite go as expected.