Podcasts on Story Structure and Length

One of the main podcasts I listen to is Writing Excuses. In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s hosted by a number of established authors talking about the craft of writing. It’s in its twelfth season (!) and they’re still coming up with interesting topics every week.

They’ve recently recorded a few podcasts about how to structure stories of different lengths. Since I currently focus on flash fiction but would like to expand to novel-length stories one day, I thought they’d be good links to a) share with people who might be interested and b) save for posterity for my own sake, too. I thought it was particularly useful in the short pieces episode when they talked about short story publications. So here they are!

Writing Excuses 12:32 Structuring a Short Piece

Writing Excuses 12:36 Structuring a Mid-length Piece

Writing Excuses 12:40 Structuring a Novel